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Google Analytics is an industry benchmark and the most used tool for digital marketing professionals and website owners in Australia. As an accredited Google Partner and certified Google Analytics Perth professional, All Marketing provides expert analysis into  anything you could ever imagine about your website. Side note, did you know we also do drone videos in Perth?

With automated reporting, industry leading transparency and a convenient series of two minute video lessons we also come and deliver your website performance analytics face to face to decipher into concepts you understand. Once you realise the power of Analytics, you will see how your business can be pushed to expand further than you would imagine and clearly pinpointing expense waste and ramping up return on investment.

Google Analytics 4 represents the latest evolution in analytics technology, offering Perth-based businesses advanced tracking, improved data insights, and a more user-centric approach. GA4’s integration can transform how local businesses understand their customers and make data-driven decisions.

In the dynamic digital landscape of Perth, GA4 provides unparalleled insights into customer behaviours, enabling Perth businesses to tailor their digital strategies effectively. Its predictive analytics and cross-platform tracking capabilities are essential for staying ahead in a competitive market.

Many Perth businesses are transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4. This shift requires expertise in setting up and customizing GA4 to suit unique business needs. All Marketing offers comprehensive GA4 setup and migration services, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruption.

GA4 comes with advanced features like AI-powered insights, more detailed user data, and improved integration with Google Ads. These features are particularly beneficial for Perth’s diverse business landscape, offering deeper insights into local and international customer segments.

All Marketing creates custom GA4 dashboards tailored to Perth businesses. These dashboards provide easy-to-understand visualisations of key performance indicators, helping local businesses make informed decisions quickly.

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Google Analytics 4 Expert in Perth

Understanding GA4’s full potential can be challenging. All Marketing provides tailored GA4 training and ongoing support for Perth businesses, ensuring they can leverage GA4’s capabilities to their fullest.

In the context of Australia’s privacy laws, GA4 offers improved data privacy controls. All Marketing ensures that Perth businesses’ GA4 setup is compliant with these laws, safeguarding customer data while providing valuable insights.

For Perth’s growing e-commerce sector, GA4 offers enhanced e-commerce tracking features. These features allow for a better understanding of the customer journey, from initial engagement to post-purchase behaviour.

GA4’s insights are invaluable for refining SEO strategies. All Marketing uses GA4 data to optimise websites for higher search engine rankings, focusing on what works best for Perth audiences.

GA4 provides valuable localised insights, crucial for businesses operating in Perth. Understanding local user behaviour helps in creating targeted marketing campaigns and improving user experience for the Perth and greater Australian market.

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The Google Analytics Process

Our analytical measurement and management is results, sales and performance driven. We create customised visual dashboards after asking you what metrics you care about most. One of the most critical is the conversion rate of your business online. The conversion rate is a % and measures out of every 100 visitors to your website, which % of users convert to a paid customer. Through the collection, configuration, processing and reporting processes All Marketing deploys you can clearly see your current conversion rate and we help you in raising it so your business has the potential to generate more revenue. This is referred to as conversion rate optimisation and is vital to the success of quality leads to assist your business in closing sales. 


Existing accounts have their Google Analytics tracking code on the website examined to make sure it has been set up with best practise. New accounts have it configured through Google Tag Manager. 

Create Dashboards

You want to check in on the performance of your online marketing when you want to. Benefit from easy to interpret data visualisations summarising the your most valuable marketing metrics. 

Measure & Manage

We constantly report to you with what is working well and what is not working so well. Coupled with a constant stream of recommendations and actions we take to further push your business forward. 

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Frequently Asked

Sales, phone calls, most popular pages, time on pages, what % on visitors return to your website, who has looked at one page and not another, what operating system they use, what mobile device they use, what internet provider or telephone company they use and that is just scratching the surface! 

Absolutely. We set up a custom visual dashboard for you to access 24/7 and can help install an app on your phone so you can keep tabs on the data on the go!

For better business performance, you must measure to manage. First we look at your “baseline” how the business has been performing. With this data set realistic and time based goals to achieve. And then we can review all the data to see what areas of the business website are bottlenecks to sales success.

Google Tag Manager (“GTM”) is a single block of website code that goes onto your website and enables many tracking and analytical tools to be loaded from within it. This has the benefit of speed, access to powerful analytic management tools and it doesnt come at an additional expense. 

$125/hr + GST which represents a +20% discount and saving for your business cashflow over the standard industry rate. Don’t overpay with an agency, get the same expertise at a reduced rate as overheads are lower being a one man band. 

GA4 is the latest version of Google Analytics, offering advanced tracking, improved user insights, and a more comprehensive view of customer data across devices and platforms.

GA4 focuses on user-centric data, offers more detailed event tracking, and utilises machine learning for predictive insights. It also has better integration with Google’s advertising services.

Upgrading to GA4 ensures you’re using the most advanced analytics tools available. It provides deeper insights into user behaviour, helping to tailor your digital strategies more effectively.

GA4 has a different interface and approach to data, which might initially seem complex. However, with proper guidance and training, it becomes a powerful tool for understanding your audience.

Setting up GA4 involves creating a new property in your Google Analytics account and configuring data streams to track your website or app. Our expert support in Perth can assist you with this process.

Yes, you can run both Universal Analytics and GA4 simultaneously. This dual setup allows for a smooth transition and comparison of data between the two systems. However from July 2023, Google has stopped processing data for Universal Analytics so by the time you read this, its likely only GA4. 

Absolutely, GA4 offers improved integration with Google Ads, allowing for more effective tracking of ad campaigns and better alignment with your advertising strategies.

GA4 includes enhanced privacy features, such as data anonymisation and consent management, to comply with Australian privacy laws and GDPR regulations.

GA4 provides in-depth insights into user behaviour and website performance, which can inform and enhance your SEO strategies, particularly for the Perth market.

Yes, GA4 offers extensive customisation options, including creating custom reports and dashboards tailored to your specific business needs.

All Marketing provides various training options in Perth range from online courses and video calls to personalised virtual and in person workshops, designed to help you and your team understand and utilise GA4 effectively.

GA4 excels in tracking user interactions across multiple platforms and devices, providing a unified view of the customer journey.

GA4 uses machine learning to offer predictive metrics, such as potential revenue from a set of customers, helping in forecasting and planning marketing strategies.

Direct import of historical data from Universal Analytics to GA4 is not possible. However, you can use both systems in parallel to build a new data set in GA4.

With its advanced tracking and analytical capabilities, GA4 can provide deeper insights into customer behaviour, potentially leading to more effective marketing strategies and improved ROI.