Why You Should Never Google Your Own Google Ads

One of the most frequent mistakes we see Google Ads clients making is checking their ads on Google.  When you hire a Google Ads manager in Perth, you want to make sure that they give your business the latest tips and tricks to leverage from. Although this tip for Google Ads is certainly not new, it is a valuable free trick that you can use to your advantage. 

When you start running text based Google Ads, you advertise on Google’s search engine. Each advert that is created, uses a list of keywords that are placed in the back end telling Google as an advertiser you are willing to pay up to X $ for each click. One of the biggest mistakes we have seen is the client typing the search queries into Google to “check that they are working“.  This is a really bad practise for the health of your Google Ads account, and here’s why. 

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen is the client typing the search queries into Google to “check that they are working”.  This is a really harmful practise, and here’s why. 

When ads are running, they are scored for their interaction and engagement rate. Simply, the greater the number of impressions the ads serves, without attracting a click, the lower the measured click through rate (CTR) is on the account and campaign. You want to have the CTR as high as possible to have your account optimised and benefiting from a good ad rank – an internal measure Google has to test the effectiveness of your account. A low ad rank can result in your ads being restricted or even NOT being shown for the keywords you are bidding on for a pay to play. 

So how do I solve this Google Ads problem? 

Google has a free tool called the Anonymous Ad preview Tool. Below is a thumbnail for it – click on it to view in full size. As you can see when you do, there is a search box for the search term you want to check. This is where you type in the keywords or search term you want to check that you ad is displaying for. There is also a device toggle for Desktop/Mobile or Tablet as all three can be treated differently depending on the location, time, and intent of the user determined by Google. 

Google Ads is a powerful tool to reach your target market online, wherever they are. You need to ensure your account is firing at an optimised level and nakedly typing search terms you want to query into Google is a bad way to achieve optimisation. 

The above method is a quick and non technical way to check your search terms on Google Ads without affecting your account health. Do you have any Google Ads tips you can add? Please tweet them through to All Marketing Twitter at @allmarketing ! 

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