Questions and Answers by Google My Business (“GMB”)

Questions and Answers by Google My Business (“GMB”)

Google has started competing fiercely with Facebook -or should that be the other way around? – for market share in the local business sphere worldwide. Facebook recently has taken a lot of ground from Google with its ever-increasing user participation and engagement levels on the world’s most popular social network platform. To combat this, Google recently has been adding more functionality to its GMB listing available to any Business owner in Australia preferably –by Google- with a bricks and mortar location but not mandatory.

Within the last six weeks, Google released “Posts” which now allows Businesses to write short promotional or news posts inclusive with the ability to upload media rich photos to market their businesses client success or outline new solutions to the market that they can provide the customers.

Expanding on this, this week GMB has released “Questions and Answers” for Android users only now with all other platforms being released later this year.





This is similar to functionality you may have seen on an eBay store or an ecommerce store where a potential customer who is sitting in on the fence with the purchase can ask the merchant a question clearly being open to persuasion to cross the line and close the sale for the business.

As with any new functionality, first in – best dressed. Typically, we see uptake on this added functionality very slow in Perth businesses as business owners are busy growing their pipeline. However, a savvy business is one that appears engaged and one that cares about its reputation and perception online. Questions and Answers is a great way to publically show your business cares about its customers’ needs and desire for detailed information about your product or service.

Should you have a customer asking a lot of questions, ask them to ask you a question (only Android users for now and all internet users from later this year) on your business listing to steadily grow a database of knowledge and frequently asked questions online for the public to see 24/7. It has a dual benefit of making your business appear engaged and dedicated to customer service online and should save you time and money in the long term better qualifying prospects before they make their first contact call to your business.