Independently Know Your Google Ads Managers Effectiveness

Google AdWords Manager Optimisation

The biggest fear for many business owners is wasting and losing money. When you hire a Google AdWords manager in Perth, you want to make sure they are doing the best job to get your business the maximum return on Google. Here’s how to check out their skill set, independently for your peace of mind.

When you assign a Google AdWords manager to your account, or have them set one up, your account has an “optimisation” score as determined by Google’s machine learning systems. It is a score from 0 to 100 at how effectively the account is structured to maximise the likelihood of success in your online marketing with Google. Here is an example from All Marketing’s manager (MCC) account:

Under the “recommendations” tab in Google Ads, Google lists actions and suggestions that can be taken to improve the optimisation score of your account. In its support article “Improve your (Google Ads) account with Recommendations“, Google runs through the benefits and features of recommendations. 

To ensure your business has a strongly structured account to perform at a high level in the marketplace, you need to keep tabs on this optimisation score. Ask your manager what it is. How it has been trending. What steps they take to keep it as close to or at 100% as possible, and if it isn’t at 100%, what are the reasons for that?

A good Google Ads manager will be held to account and transparent about their optimisation score, as determined by Google’s own system.

All Marketing has a regular and systematic habit system that methodically and routinely works on tasks to keep our clients accounts at or very close to 100%. You can check the optimisation score yourself in the account by looking for the “optimisation score” column as below: 

Google Ads Manager in Perth

Google Ads can be a very rewarding business venture – if done right. When outsourcing to a contractor, you want to know that a 100% effort is being made and technically they are delivering for your business. 

The above method is a quick and non technical way to achieve this. If you still need further help on your account, please contact us for a free Perth Digital Marketing consultation. All Marketing – get more with digital marketing.