Google Ads Image Extensions

Google has recently released image extensions on Google Ads. Image extensions are the ability to display an attractive promotional photo to your text based ads on Google’s search engines. For many years, clients have been complaining that text based ads in their view are not attractive. The tables have now turned with the massive ability to spice up your Google Ads with the power of imagery!

In the several weeks that have passed since they rolled out in Australia, our clients have seen a significant increase in their click through and engagement rates. Not all accounts are eligible in Australia, and Google says that you must meet three criterium to use Image Extensions. These are: 1) your account has been open for more than 90 days 2) your account has a good history of policy compliance and 3) Account is in an eligible vertical or sub-vertical market. The only examples given are the usual suspects of sexual content, alcohol and gambling.

Of course, simply enabling image extensions in your Google Ads account isn’t a guarantee for success. Images must meet the quality standards of Google Ads. Logo overlay, text overlay, gifs and blurry or poorly cropped images aren’t allowed. You can upload PNG, JPG and static GIF files to a maximum size of 5120kb or about 5mb. Remember to place the most important content in the centre 80% of the image. Too much blank space, excessive text overlay, collaging, blurry or unclear images, poorly cropped and inappropriate images such as sexual content will not be approved and get through Google’s auto check systems.

If you are not sure how to set up image extensions, have questions about them or need help with your business Google Ads account, contact All Marketing now on 0412220094 where you get more in Perth digital marketing.