Google Ads Account Suspensions

Google Ads, the popular digital marketing advertising platform by Google, offers businesses of all sizes a powerful tool to reach potential customers. However, navigating the policies and practices of Google Ads can sometimes be challenging, especially when an account gets suspended. In this blog post, we’ll explore why Google Ads accounts get suspended, how the suspension process works, and the steps to reactivate a suspended account.

Why Google Ads Accounts Get Suspended
Policy Violation: The most common reason for account suspension is the violation of Google Ads policies. These policies cover a wide range of issues, from advertising counterfeit goods to using misleading ad content.

Billing Issues: If Google is unable to process payments or detects suspicious billing activity, it may suspend the account.

Suspicious Activity: Google is keen on preventing fraud and protecting users. If they detect unusual activity in an account, such as rapid changes in ad spend, it may trigger a suspension.

The Suspension Process
When Google detects a violation or an issue with an account, it typically sends an email to the account holder outlining the specific problem. This email includes the reason for suspension and, in some cases, what can be done to address the issue. It’s crucial to regularly check the email associated with your Google Ads account, as these notifications are often the only warning you’ll receive before a suspension. Another critical consideration is to ensure you have a reputable digital marketing Perth business that is looking out and caretaking your Google Ads account.

Steps to Reactivate a Suspended Google Ads Account
Understand the Suspension: The first step is to carefully read the suspension notice to understand why your account was suspended. This will guide your next steps.

Rectify the Violation: If the suspension is due to a policy violation, review your ads, keywords, and website to ensure they comply with Google’s policies. Remove or edit any content that violates these policies.

Submit an Appeal: After making the necessary changes, you can appeal the suspension. Google provides a form for this purpose, where you can explain the steps you’ve taken to rectify the issue.

Wait for Review: Once you submit your appeal, Google will review your account and the changes you’ve made. This process can take several days.

Contact Support: If your appeal is denied or you need further clarification, consider reaching out to Google Ads support for assistance.

Tips for Avoiding Future Suspensions
Stay Updated with Google Ads Policies: Regularly review the policies, as they can change over time.

Monitor Your Ads and Keywords: Regularly check your ads and keywords for compliance.

Keep Billing Information Updated: Ensure your billing information is accurate and up to date.

Use Google Ads Carefully: Avoid sudden, significant changes in your ad spend or campaign structure without a clear strategy.

A Google Ads account suspension can be a significant setback, but it’s often resolvable with the right approach engaging a Marketing Consultant. Understanding the reason behind the suspension, taking corrective action, and appealing to Google are key steps in getting your account back in action. Additionally, staying informed and compliant with Google’s policies is the best way to avoid future suspensions.