Coldplay Perth Concert at Optus Stadium


Last night’s Coldplay concert in Perth was an electrifying display of musical brilliance and visual spectacle, captivating the audience with a blend of classic hits and new tracks. The band’s setlist included a 22-song array that featured iconic songs such as “Yellow,” “Paradise,” “The Scientist,” and “Viva La Vida”. The evening was kicked off with opening acts from Adrian Dzvuke, Thelma Plum, and Amy Shark, who successfully warmed up the crowd for Coldplay’s powerhouse performance.

As the concert progressed, the atmosphere intensified, culminating in an unforgettable finale with “Fix You” and “Biutyful” from their latest album. The visual marvel of planets floating around the stadium, coupled with fireworks soaring above the crowd, added to the magic of the night.

Chris Martin’s statement, “This is one of the best nights of our lives. Thank you for reminding us that Australia is f***ing awesome,” perfectly captured the euphoria of the event.

The performance of “Sky Full of Stars” was a standout moment, with flashing lights, fireworks, and confetti creating an ambience akin to a starry night sky. Chris Martin’s request for the audience to put away their phones and share the moment together further enriched the experience. The concert also featured a unique element with the appearance of a fictional alien character, Angel Moon, who joined Coldplay on stage to sing “Human Heart.” Angel Moon, a puppet, brought a distinct and creative touch to the show.

Frontman Chris Martin’s interaction with the crowd was heartfelt. His appreciation for the audience’s energy and the band’s decision to start their tour in Perth was palpable. He remarked, “We didn’t expect you all to be so vibrant. We feel like we made the right decision by starting in Perth”. The crowd was thoroughly engaged throughout the concert, with moments like the beginning chants of “Viva La Vida” prompting everyone to get on their feet. The band’s performance on a circular stage in the middle of the mosh pit further enhanced the connection with the audience.

An innovative addition to the concert was the use of solar-powered, recyclable wristbands distributed to attendees. These wristbands lit up in sync with the music, adding a layer of visual harmony to the performance, especially noticeable during the song “Higher Power”.

Overall, the Coldplay concert in Perth was more than just a musical performance; it was a comprehensive entertainment experience that showcased the band’s ability to connect with their audience through music, visuals, and interactive elements. The energy of the crowd, combined with the band’s dynamic stage presence and the visually stunning effects, created an unforgettable night, reaffirming Coldplay’s status as world-class entertainers.


Coldplay Perth Setlist for Sunday 19 November 2023 at Optus Stadium Perth

Act .I. Planets

Music of the Spheres
Higher Power
Adventure of a Lifetime
The Scientist

Act .II. Moons

Viva la Vida
Hymn for the Weekend
Charlie Brown

Act .III. Stars

Human Heart
People of the Pride
Infinity Sign
Something Just Like This
My Universe
A Sky Full of Stars

Act .IV. Home

Song for Western Australia
Fix You