7 Ways To Improve Your Willpower

7 Ways To Improve Your Willpower

Willpower is something that you only get a limited amount of every 24 hours. However limited, it is similar to getting fit and building muscle, it can also grow with regular practise. It can benefit you massively throughout your business and your life. Here are seven ways that you can increase your willpower. 

  • Act what you speak 

A lot of people talk a lot of talk. You have to have strong willpower to follow through on your words and make them stronger than that – make them a non negotiable commitment to yourself. Every time you promise yourself something and don’t follow through on it, a little piece of your willpower, self confidence and inner strength depletes. Don’t sabotage yourself. When your actions meet your words, you are 90% of the way onto massive success. 

Willpower is like a muscle. You can grow it with incremental gains every day.

  • Start Small – And Build Big 

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is unrealistic to attempt an insurmountable challenge straight away – like running a marathon in a month, giving up junk food cold turkey. You must start small. Gradually train your willpower into better shape with resisting the compulsive urges.

  • Say “I don’t do” rather than “no”

Communication is powerful. Self communication is even more so. When you say to someone “no” when they offer you something you don’t want to do anymore, saying “I don’t do x” is much more empowering than saying “no”. A “no” is easily challenged whereas saying “I don’t do” sends a signal to the other party that you have the power within to decide for yourself that you are not doing this activity and choosing to act on it. 

The more regularly you match your actions to your words, the more empowered you will feel and become.

  • Make consistency a must

Inconsistency breeds complacency and weakens your willpower strength. The more regularly you match your actions to your words, the more empowered you will feel and become. 

  • Focus Intensely

Turn off your notifications. Block time sapping websites and limit wasteful habits during the day or whenever you perform at your best. Each second of attention towards these activities is time withdrawn from your daily willpower allowance. This is why you find it more difficult to do something at the end of the day when your willpower has taken a beating. 

  • Plan  

A plan written down is a deconstructed goal. A plan backed by action makes your dreams a reality over time. When you plan, you help your brain switch to auto pilot and save willpower fretting over what action and course to take and when, as you have already decided for yourself, in advance.

  • Be flexible 

To grow your willpower, you need to be flexible. Think of setbacks ahead of them happening, and how you can adjust for the temporary challenges that they are. Life is fluid, its not meant to be rigid, so go with the natural flow and become flexible to the constantly changing reality that is life. 

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